Moments Before A Miracle

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I chose to post this poem, which is my most current. I wanted this poem to reflect that moments before a miracle can be a lifetime, or at least seem like one.

However, people who generally receive miracles are those who know they are up for one. Whether by a softly spoken promise from the Lord or by standing on His Word, I wanted to show in this poem two important factors.

First, you may start off believing in the miracle, having faith in or for the miracle; but you learn to believe and have faith in God. Secondly, you discover that no amount of faith or belief in a promise brings you the miracle.

Faith should entirely be in the miracle giver. The glory completely belongs to God giving the miracle, and not you having the faith to receive it.

Moments Before A Miracle


By Lovie Divine 10/8/18

Heart believing, by faith receiving,
Ever knowing, without even seeing,
Trusting God, with your whole being,
Moments before a miracle.

Patiently waiting, though there be sighing,
Boldly speaking, though there be crying,
Living, breathing, while seemingly dying,
Moments before a miracle.

Against the grain when all hopes failing,
A never ending fight despite the wailing,
Persecution to the point of an appointed nailing,
Moments before a miracle.

Raised head with hope, then bowed with meekness,
His strength made perfect in utmost weakness,
Hungry souls feasting on life’s bitter sweetness,
Moments before a miracle.

Lord let me know, my last breath taken,
My trust in you, never forsaken,
Thine be the glory in a miracle’s making,
Moments before a miracle.

My eyes close slowly, my soul now drifting,
My descending soul… now suddenly lifting!
Breaking through to the saving of a miraculous gifting!
Praise God for the saving moment before my miracle!

Welcome, And Why Now

Welcome visitors to the homesite of my poetry, Lovie Divine Poetess. Poetry By Lovie Divine. I am an Ebony Christian American Freelance Poetess, and I always say, “My Poetry Speaks.” Here, you will see a monthly post of selected old and new, past and present poetry and I will present it in the most surreal way, giving you a little description and perhaps even a little feedback from fan readers for each piece. Why now?

“Well it’s about time,” I would say. I have been riding the backs of poetry sites for years, since 1997, (my first site, which is under new ownership),, and now Poetry Soup, and my link there is You may access a wealth of my poetry there for now. I’ve been posting poetry and reviewing others’ poetry, feeling like a needle in a haystack of other wonderful poets for many years now.

Today commemorates no special date, there’s no mark of a significant reason to choose today, other than my ending a self denying procrastinating realization, coming to terms that my poetry needs her own home… just as I do; but that’s another topic. I am at least excited to take on this new venture with optimism and self encouragement that will provide me an outlet just like the poetry sites I’ve posted to have, but with a lot more personalization and freedoms.

Perhaps the experience with the afore mentioned poetry sites has provided me with a better clarification of knowing exactly what I want in my own website. Nevertheless, here we go. Let’s see what we can do with the place, just as if I just purchased a new home. How will I decorate, how will I make myself at home, and how will I ultimately make others feel at home when accessing the homesite of my very own poetry. First, thank you very much for the visit, and thank you for the compliment of being a fan, a follower, and reader of my poetry. Blessings, Lovie Divine.